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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gurdwara Sikh Center : Frankfurt,Germany

Photos Courtesy : Kristina Myrvold
Assistant Professor
Linnéuniversitetet University

Watch your Number :Fall in Growth Rate of Sikh Population in India by 0.2%

 Watch your Number 
The President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh GK referring to the fall in growth rate of Sikh population in India by 0.2% called upon the Sikhs living in India and world over to watch their count and be careful as Sikhs are already in a microscopic minority and fall in the growth rate could be of serious consequences in the days to come for future generations.
He adds“Sikhs are a martial community and they don’t need any introduction as they are famous worldwide for their achievements in all the fields, be it – sports, army, industry, entrepreneur, business, information technology and they constitute a strong skilled work force world over, which is despite a very less number,” .
He further adds, “I am sure Sikhs would continue to do well in all the fields but when the head count matters in today’s world we must not come down from what we are now,”. He called upon the Sikhs families to identify their potential and properly manage the means of upbringing their children.  
He also called upon the Sikhs to give good education to their children so as to make them good citizens who contribute to the development of the society and country they live in. 

With Thanks : Media DSGMC

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Can we help him to achieve his target early !

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If you find this man on Harninder Sahib Amritsar entry then please do buy his Murmure Chikki...he is selling this stuff since last 54 years and has a target of 100 packs per day....but he says tjat 100 packet sale is quiet far off...he ends up selling apx 40 packs....I would request you all whenever you are there do help him by buying his stuff....he really moves very swiftly around to find his target customers ...but hardly anyone gives any attention to him....if we help him achieve his target ealry so he may ho home early and relax he is nearing 80 years and have responsibilty of home and .....hope you will all share this to make someone happy daily....

Akshay Kumar's "SINGHGIRI Attitude" in Movie 'Singh is Bling'


Removal of inscription of the Mool Mantra from the stairs of Yogacentre Hoheluft in Hamburg,Germany

Inscription of the Mool Mantra was removed from the stairs of Yogacentre Hoheluft in Hamburg,Germany by construction workers.

Five members of the Indian Gurdwara in Hamburg were present for this process.
An Ardas ( Prayer) was made before the process started and the stone, that was burned off the stairs was respectfully processed by the members of the Gurdwara afterwards.

Yogacentre Hoheluft while conveying their apology thanked to Gurdwara members for pointing out the rule prohibiting Gurbani on floors of which  yogacentre members were not aware.
They made it very clear, that they did not mean any disrespect to the Mool Mantra or any hurt to the sentiments of  fellow Sikhs.

"On the contrary we wished for our students to be inspired and uplifted by the Mool Mantra as they entered our Yogacentre.Now we understand that this was completely inappropriate.We will not repeat this mistake.We feel the love of the Guru as much as anybody else does ".

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sri Guru Granth Sahib coin minted by Nepal government

Not many people know that the government of Nepal issued a coin in the year 2004, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib's prakash.... it is the first (and only) coin, with images associated with the Sikh religion, issued anywhere in the world after the collapse of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's empire in 1839. 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Akshay Kumar: ‘We have ensured that Singh Is Bliing does not hurt Sikh sentiments’

However, it seems that the Khiladi has learned his lesson now. Today, while at the trailer launch of upcoming film Singh Is Bliing’, Akshay said, “This time, we have ensured that the film does not hurt the sentiments of Sikhs. We made sure that a member of the SGPC was always present on the sets to advise and guide us so that there were no errors in the portrayal of Sikhs.” Kumar will be seen playing a goofySardar named Raftaar Singh in the film.

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